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Thorens Turntable Service and Repair

Thorens, a Swiss manufacturer of high-end audio components, was founded in 1883. The company produced its first phonograph in 1903 and its first electric record player in 1928. They are one of the oldest turntable producers in the world and, though they have been around for over a century, they continue to produce some of the highest-quality turntables available today. Thorens turntables boast outstanding construction and produce full-bodied and refined sound. Thorens turntables can be easily modified to meet any needs of the listener which greatly contributes to the popularity of the brand. Such an excellent brand necessitates appropriate care and service which is why Thorens turntable repair should only be completed by a Thorens Authorized Repair provider. George Meyer AV’s highly trained and skilled technicians can service and maintain your Thorens turntable.

Thorens Turntable Models:

  • TD 550
  • TD 350
  • TD 2035 / TD 2015
  • TD 309
  • TD 209
  • TD 206
  • TD 203
  • TD 295 MK IV
  • TD 240-2
  • TD 235
  • TD 190-2
  • TD 170-1
  • TD 158