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Are you open?

Yes! We are open. Customers are free to bring units to the shop, or ship them to us from their location.

Covid19 Update: We are still handling all drop-offs and pick-ups at the shipping entrance in the back of the building. Please enter the alley off of Harcourt or Vinyard and park in front of our gate. There is a table set up to place your unit on. Ring the doorbell and we will come out to assist you. Fully vaccinated customers may be invited into the shop to audition a component if necessary.

Please, for our protection and yours, WEAR A MASK when you approach the shop – thank you.

Q What are your hours?
A Office and pick-up/drop-off hours are Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM and Saturdays from 9AM to 2PM, We are closed on most major holidays.
Q Is there a fee to diagnose my component?
A Yes. George Meyer charges a bench/evaluation fee of $80 to diagnose audio components. The fee for televisions is $135 and for projectors, $150. This fee is non-refundable and payable up-front. This is required for our technicians to troubleshoot and diagnose your unit. Once the evaluation is complete we will contact you with an estimate. Upon your approval, we will complete the repairs and credit the evaluation fee toward your final bill.
Q How do I ship something to you?
A Start by downloading our shipping form. Fill out all of the fields associated with your repair. Please type or write legibly. Include all your contact information and a detailed but concise description of the issue you’re having with your equipment.

Enclose the form in your package. If the unit is under warranty, please enclose a copy of the customer-facing sales receipt. If it is out of warranty, enclose a check for the evaluation fee. Alternatively, we can call you and collect the evaluation fee over the phone.

Q How do I pack up my unit?
A Use the original manufacturer’s carton if you still have it. If not, use plenty of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc. to cushion the vulnerable corners and edges. If shipping a McIntosh unit, do NOT have firm foam packing in contact with the glass faceplate. Use packing along the edges to form an airspace in front of the glass, so that it isn’t cracked under the pressure of being rolled or bumped in transit. Call us for further instruction on packing delicate components.

For turntables, remove the platter and counterweight if possible and pack them up separately. Tie the tonearm down with a twist tie so it stays put during shipping. Use bubble wrap to cushion and pad everything so it stays safe. Use a double or triple-corrugated box and be sure the components fit snugly and to not shift around. Of course, use the original factory box if you have it.

Q How long will my repair take?
A Our current backlog is about 3-4 weeks from the time we receive the unit to it going on the technician’s bench. Turntables can average closer to 2 weeks. Once evaluated, we will contact you with the estimate and proceed from there with ordering parts and completing repairs as necessary . Most warranty repairs proceed along the same timeline, with the exception of contacting you with an estimate, as the manufacturer is covering the cost.
Q Is there an expedited/rush service option?
A There are some rare occasions where rushed service is appropriate, but ordinarily we do not offer rushed service. Repairs are all handled on a first-come-first-served basis.
Q How much will my repair cost?
A This is, perhaps, the most commonly asked question and also the most difficult to answer. There is a 1 hour minimum, labor is billed at $135/hour. Most repairs require 1.5 to 3.0 hours to complete. There are some units that take far longer and in other cases we can finish everything in 1 hour. Parts are billed in addition to labor and can vary from a few dollars per part to a few hundred for complex PCBs and other items. We will break down all parts and labor to the penny and provide that information for you in your estimate. We do not proceed with the repair unless you authorize the service.
Q What forms of payment do you take?
A George Meyer AV accepts Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay, checks and American currency. We also take PayPal, which is convenient for some customers who ship units to us.
Q How long will you hold my equipment for after repairs are completed?
A We will store your repaired unit(s) for up to 2 calendar weeks after work is completed. Repairs left in the shop longer than 2 weeks will be considered subject to abandonment/forfeiture. If repairs are paid for, George Meyer may consider storing your unit(s) for an extended period of time.

Please CONTACT us if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from picking up your repair(s). Ignoring our repeated attempts to contact you will result in your repaired units going into long-term storage.

Q Do you repair “X” ?
A We repair most audio/video components, but there are exceptions. These are usually due to lack of available parts, or the impossibility of repairing units that are far too damaged or worn. Here is a list if items we do NOT repair:

  • Portable radios (tabletop radios, Blue Tooth units, boom boxes, etc.)
  • Console stereos / record players, etc.
  • Reel to Reel tape machines
  • Suitcase-style record players, 1 piece record players that include the speaker(s)
  • CRT televisions (old-style picture tube)
  • VCRs
  • Cameras/video cameras/camcorders, etc.
  • Old rack systems
  • Bose and/or Bang&Olufsen components, with the exception of vintage speaker components from the 1970s and before.