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Technics Turntable Service and Repair

Technics is one of the best audio component brands in the market and has been producing exceptional products since the mid-1960s. In 1970, Technics produced the world’s first direct-drive turntable – the SP-10. Since then, Technics has produced a multitude of outstanding turntables and has garnered a reputation in the DJ industry as being one of the best turntables with stable rotation. Technics turntables are built with extreme durability to last year after year. And, when well-cared for, Technics turntables will certainly last decades. At George Meyer TV & Stereo, we have extensive experience in high-end audio repair and our skilled technicians can perform any Technics turntable repair or maintenance you might need to ensure your turntable continues to provide years of great sound and service to you.

Technics Turntable Models:

  • SL-10
  • SL-1200
  • SL-1210Mk5
  • SL-1200Mk2
  • SL-1200M3D
  • SL-D202
  • SL-BD20
  • SL-DD22
  • SL-1900
  • SL-1700
  • SL-Q202
  • SL-QD35
  • SL-1500
  • SL-1600
  • SL-5300
  • SL-1200GAE