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Sota Turntable Service and Repair

If you are in the market for a truly unique-looking turntable that also has pristine sound, a turntable from Sota may be the right fit for you. Sota has been in business since 1997 and their minimalist design and high-quality sound has made a big impression. Sota produces a wide range of turntables targeted at both those who are new to turntables and seasoned audiophiles. Sota turntables produce exceptional analog audio playback and though they are stripped of frills they don’t skimp on sound quality. Sota turntables are high-end, specialty turntables and so, should they need service of any kind, they should only be serviced by a Sota authorized repair shop. If you are in need of Sota turntable repair, George Meyer AV is conveniently located and incredibly experienced in high-end turntable repair. Our experienced and highly-trained audio technicians can help maintain and service your Sota turntable to ensure it provides years of exceptional sound.

Sota Turntable Models:

  • JEWEL™
  • COMET™