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SME Audio Turntable Service and Repair

SME Audio, which stands for Scale Model Equipment, is a high-end turntable manufacturer whose company history dates back to 1946. The company originally formed to manufacture scale models and detail parts for the model engineering trade, and they still focus on precision engineering today. SME began producing pick-up arms in 1959. Throughout the decades, SME Audio has continued to add products to its lineup and now produces 6 turntables and 12 standard pick-up arms to accommodate the needs of any consumer.

SME Audio is known for producing some of the most high-end, well-manufactured turntables available. They are also known for producing some of the heaviest turntables on the market, with some models weighing as much as 76 pounds! They do this so that the turntables they engineer produce less flexing and vibration, thus ensuring a higher sound quality.

SME Audio Turntable Models:

  • SME Model 30/12
  • SME Model 30/2
  • SME Model 20/12
  • SME Model 20/3
  • SME Model 10
  • SME Model 15