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Pro-ject Audio Systems Turntable

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is an audio manufacturing company that was founded in 1990. Economically priced – their turntables are designed to produce outstanding sound for the everyday listener. Pro-Ject Audio Systems produces some of the best (if not THE best) affordable turntables available. Make no mistake, though they are affordably-priced it doesn’t mean they are only for turntable novices, even the most discerning audiophile will appreciate the incredible sound quality. Pro-Ject turntables feature modern and minimalist styling, a truly eye-pleasing appearance. Pro-Ject turntables are an exceptionally popular turntable brand because of their economically-priced systems. Though they are popular they are not “common” and most audio repair shops will not be capable of proper Pro-Ject turntable repair and service. For this reason, it is best to entrust your turntable to George Meyer AV because we are a Pro-Ject Authorized Repair provider.

Pro-Ject Turntable Models:

  • Elemental
  • Elemental Phono USB
  • Vertical VT-E
  • Vertical VT-E BT
  • Essential II
  • Essential II Phono USB
  • Essential II DIGITAL
  • Debut
  • Debut Carbon Phono USB (DC)
  • Debut Carbon Esprit (DC)
  • Debut Carbon Esprit SB (DC)
  • Debut RecordMaster
  • The Classic
  • RPM 1 Carbon
  • RPM 3 Carbon
  • RPM 5 Carbon
  • RPM 9 Carbon
  • RPM 10 Carbon
  • 1Xpression Carbon
  • 1Xpression Carbon Classic
  • 1Xpression III Comfort
  • 2Xperience DC Acryl
  • 2Xperience SB
  • 6PerspeX SB
  • Xtension 9 Evolution
  • Xtension 10 Evolution
  • Xtension 12 Evolution
  • Signature 10
  • Signature 12
  • Debut S-Shape
  • 1Xpression Classic S-Shape
  • 1Xperience SB S-Shape
  • Xtension 9 S-Shape
  • PS00 – Frida by Parov Stelar
  • PS01 – Wave by Parov Stelar
  • Essential II Demon by Parov Stelar
  • 2Xperience Primary Acryl
  • 2Xperience Primary Clear Acryl
  • Primary
  • Primary Phono USB
  • RPM 9.1x