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Oracle Audio Turntable Service and Repair

Oracle Audio was founded in 1979 with the goal of engineering audio components that were both aesthetically beautiful and sonically astonishing. Audiophiles have been delighted Oracle Audio turntables for decades. They have a signature sleek and modern style that will look great in any home but what has developed Oracle Audio’s devout fan base is the high quality sound their turntables produce. Their state-of-the-art turntables boast advanced features and capabilities. The Delphi MkVI Second Generation has been given many awards, including the Analog Grand Prix 2010 Gold Award from Japan and also the Enjoy the Music.com’s Best of 2014 Blue Note Award. Oracle Audio remains focused on controlling micro vibrations and micro calibrations. Today, Oracle Audio continues to produce high quality turntables and it is both their vintage turntables and their new models that are beloved. High-end turntables require routine maintenance and service to continue to produce the quality of sound that is expected of them. It is best to use an Oracle Audio Authorized Repair shop for your turntable repair needs.

Oracle Audio Turntable Models:

  • Delphi MkVI Gen-2
  • Paris MkV
  • Origine