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Music Hall Turntable Service and Repair

Music Hall, founded in 1985, is a company that states they are “dedicated to manufacturing, importing and distributing well priced, top quality, high-end audio components.” It is a promise on which Music Hall delivers. Music Hall produces high-quality turntables that are affordable for any audiophile and the sound quality they produce is superb. Their turntables, which are manufactured in Czech Republic, tend to set up with relative ease. Music Hall products are highly regarded and, when well-cared for, have stood the test of time. If you own a Music Hall turntable and need to service and maintain it, it is best to bring it to a Music Hall Authorized Repair provider, such as George Meyer AV.

Music Hall Turntable Models:

  • USB1
  • MMF-2.2
  • MMF-2.3
  • MMF-2.3le
  • MMF-2.3wh
  • MMF-2.3se
  • MMF-5.1
  • MMF-5.1se
  • MMF-5.3
  • MMF-5.3le
  • MMF-5.3se
  • Ikura
  • Ikura Black
  • MMF-7.1
  • MMF-7.3
  • MMF-9.1
  • MMF-9.3
  • MMF-11.1