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Authorized Music Fidelity Turntable Service and Repair

Music Fidelity was founded in the UK in 1982 and specializes in producing high-end audio components. Music Fidelity is an innovative company that strives to create high-quality products and their turntables are no exception. Music Fidelity’s turntables are designed for reduced movement, vibration, and friction – ensuring exceptional sound quality that even the most discerning ear can appreciate. Music Fidelity products are specialized products that are carefully crafted and should only be serviced and maintained by an experienced high-end audio repair company. Should you need Music Fidelity turntable repair, George Meyer TV & Stereo has highly-trained audio technicians that can service and maintain your Music Fidelity turntable.

Music Fidelity Turntable Models:

  • The Round Table
  • M1