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Marantz Turntable Service and Repair

Marantz is a household name in the audio/video industry. While some brands are more obscure, Marantz has developed a reputation for making high-end audio components. Marantz was founded in the 1950s and has continued to produce exceptional products decade after decade. In addition to a variety of audio components, Marantz produces a selection of turntables with fully automatic operation and excellent sound quality. Even the most dedicated audiophiles agree that Marantz turntables, including the TT42, TT42P, 6100, 6200, and 6300, are streamlined and classic while producing the kind of turntable sound that will delight. Marantz turntables are well-built, durable and designed to last, but even the best turntables need turntable repair and maintenance from time to time. At George Meyer TV & Stereo, we have highly skilled and trained maintenance technicians for your Marantz authorized turntable repair needs. When you need Marantz authorized turntable repair, you can trust George Meyer AV & Stereo to restore your Marantz turntable to its original, exceptional condition.

Marantz Turntable Models:

  • TT42
  • TT42P
  • TT-15S1
  • 6100
  • 6200
  • 6300