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Dual Turntable Service and Repair

The company history of Dual dates back over a century – to 1900! Dual did not start producing turntables until the 1930s but has been producing exceptional turntables ever since. Dual turntables are incredibly well-built and designed to last with frequent use. Dual turntables produce a vintage sound that audiophiles love. And, when you invest in a Dual turntable and provide it with routine maintenance and service, it is certain to provide decades of enjoyable listening. If you are looking for an expert Dual turntable repair provider, George Meyer TV & Stereo is the repair provider you want. We have experienced and well-trained technicians that are knowledgeable in high-end audio repair and can maintain and service your Dual turntable so that it provides years of exceptional sound quality.

Dual Turntable Models:

  • CS455
  • CS55000
  • 1214
  • 1225
  • 1237
  • 704