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Clearaudio Turntable Service and Repair

Clearaudio has been in the business since 1978 and are responsible for producing some of the best turntables available. Clearaudio employs a team of highly-skilled specialists with a scientific background to ensure that their products are well-built, precise and excellent. With a goal of constantly raising the bar and setting industry standards through innovation, Clearaudio produces state-of-the-art turntables that are highly sought-after. Clearaudio meticulously hand makes their turntables to ensure precision engineering is achieved and fine-tuned musical harmony is what meets the ear. The most discerning audiophiles agree, Clearaudio is one of the best turntable manufacturers around. Clearaudio has been producing turntables for a long time and continue to innovate today but any audio aficionado knows that to keep their turntable performing well, it must be well-maintained and repaired when needed. Clearaudio turntable repair must only be completed by a high-end audio company with knowledge and experience dealing with such high-end audio components. George Meyer AV is a Clearaudio authorized repair shop and has expertly trained,highly-experienced audio technicians that are capable of pristinely repairing and serving your turntable to ensure optimal performance.

Clearaudio Turntable Models:

  • Concept
  • Emotion SE
  • Performance DC
  • Ovation
  • Innovation Basic
  • Innovation Compact
  • Innovation
  • Master Innovation
  • Statement