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AVID Hifi Turntable Service and Repair

AVID HiFi was founded in 1995 and, though it is a newer company compared to some other turntable manufacturers; they produce some of the best turntables in the industry. AVID HiFi turntables have large platters and plinths but also boast intelligent, streamlined design, ensuring their turntables can produce exceptional sound. AVID HiFi turntables produce a depth of sound and acuteness of detail that will please any listener. AVID HiFi turntables are well-engineered but to last a long time they need routine service and maintenance. These specialized products should not be serviced by just anyone. Should you need AVID HiFi turntable repair or maintenance, George Meyer TV & Stereo has the experience and knowledge needed to keep your AVID HiFi turntable working perfectly for years to come.

AVID HiFi Turntable Models:

  • Acutus SP
  • Sequel SP
  • Volvere SP
  • Diva II SP
  • Diva II
  • Ingenium