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Lexicon by Harman Service and Repair

Lexicon by Harman was founded in 1971 and is an award-winning audio brand that has been producing state-of-the-art audio equipment ever since. Lexicon was recognized for their high-quality products when they won the 2014 Technical, as prestigious honor. With a focus on designing equipment that is good enough for professional use, Lexicon produces high-end equipment with exceptional sound quality for everyone from the professional to the home consumer. Lexicon has always been at the leading edge of technology and continues to be highly revered within the industry today. Lexicon produces amplifiers and preamplifiers that have been used by recording artists with incredibly high standards and the same technology can be experienced right in the comfort of your own home with Lexicon products.

George Meyer is authorized to repair Lexicon by Harman.  Our technicians specialize in High End Lexicon by Harman Audio Repair.

Lexicon MC-12HD
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Lexicon LX7
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Lexicon DD8
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Lexicon GX7
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Lexicon MC1
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Lexicon BD30
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George Meyer is authorized to repair Lexicon by Harman Service and Repair. Our technicians specialize in High End Lexicon by Harman Service and Repair Repair.