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Clearaudio Turntable Repair

December 12, 2016 5:31 pm


When you see and hear a Clearaudio turntable, it is clear that they approach design and engineering with a pure love for music and vision for ingenuity. Clearaudio has been producing high-end audio components made in Germany since 1978. The team at Clearaudio uses the highest quality engineering and technical skills to set industry standards year after year. When Peter Suchy and his staff at Clearaudio first began in 1978 they were producing moving coil cartridges. It started with innovation and since then the company has grown to an elite team of engineers, watchmakers, electronic engineers, physicists and industrial designers who ensure that each aspect of an audio component is expertly produced.
Clearaudio’s turntables are highly regarded because they produce outstanding, flawless sound. For example, the Clearaudio Performance DC is an advanced turntable with high-end performance that is combined with easy setup and use. For a knowledgeable and discerning audiophile, it is the ultimate turntable. Not only does it produce crisp, top-notch sound but it is beautiful to look at with its sleek and elegant design. But, don’t just take our word for it; the Clearaudio Performance DC won the 2015 Sound & Image Award for Turntable of the Year Over $3,000.
If you are looking for something more economically priced that still produces exceptional sound quality, Clearaudio makes the Concept Turntable. While it is economically priced, it is still produced using the incredible craftsmanship that Clearaudio is known for and the sound it produces will blow you away. What appeals to so many about the Clearaudio Concept turntable is that it is a plug and play component that still provides the high-end audio that consumers want. Other turntable options from Clearaudio include the Clearaudio Innovation, Clearaudio Statement, and Clearaudio Ovation. Each of these turntables has the same signature sleek styling and modern appearance that fans have come to expect from Clearaudio, with assorted features to suit any listener’s needs.



An investment in a high-end Clearaudio component is one that, when well-cared-for, can last a lifetime. Though Clearaudio turntables are made from high quality parts using expert craftsmanship, they must still be maintained and serviced from time to time. Because these are not your common, off-the-big-box-store-shelf audio components, they cannot be serviced and maintained by simply anyone. They require well-trained, knowledgeable, experienced technicians such as those at George Meyer AV. George Meyer AV has a passion for customer service and that, coupled with our team’s experience and training, makes us uniquely qualified to service and maintain your Clearaudio turntable. Conveniently ocated in Los Angeles, California, we can expertly service and maintain your turntable to ensure it provides years of exceptional sound quality.

JBL Has a Long History of Quality That Should Be Repaired Only By Authorized Businesses

January 28, 2016 4:23 pm

James B. Lansing had a long history in manufacturing when he start JBL in 1946. Within a year of its founding, JBL was producing revolutionary technology in the audio industry with its D130 15 inch speaker which was the first of its kind to feature a 4-inch flat wire coil-in-cone transducer. Soon after, Fender began exclusively using JBL’s loudspeakers because they were the only speakers that provided the high quality sound and drive that the legendary guitar company would accept to uphold the their sound standards. Next, Capitol Records overhauled their recording studios to make JBL their standard throughout. JBL continued to introduce new and innovative products and soon their transducers were powering Woodstock. It did not stop there, large theaters and venues began implementing JBL products because they recognized the quality and power of the sound produced was unparallel to any competitors. The good news for consumers and industry professionals alike is that JBL products are widely available. Consumers can get that same incredible craftsmanship and quality of sound right in their own home. They can replicate the professional experience that stuns even the most trained audiophile ears for the home consumer experience. Today JBL continues to produce technologically advanced electronics like loudspeakers, wireless speakers, headphones, home audio systems, car and marine audio, and more.

The home audio enthusiast, or even the novice, will appreciate the high-quality, pristine sound that JBL components produce. At George Meyer AV, we cannot recommend the brand highly enough. Another reason that we are a big fan of the brand is that, while necessary repairs are few and far between, should the need arise, we are more than capable of making the repairs or completing any necessary service to the components for our customers. JBL themselves recommend that if you own a JBL component that is in need of service and repair, that you only visit an authorized JBL repair business. Because of the quality of craftsmanship of such top-tier products, not just anyone is knowledgeable enough, or even capable of properly diagnosing the problem or making the repairs. Our highly skilled technicians undergo extensive training to ensure that they are properly prepared and capable to quickly assess what the problem is and promptly make the repair so that you get your audio components back in proper working condition, quickly. George Meyer AV is conveniently located on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles but we are capable of making on-site visits and customers that are not local can also ship us their components for repair and service. This is how we show customers that we are the whole package – from purchase to repair, no matter where you are, George Meyer AV is there for you and will ensure that your product’s lifespan is preserved and extended so that you can continue protect your investment in high-quality audio components and enjoy the outstanding sound quality they produce.

Get Your JBL Synthesis Products Serviced By An Authorized Repair Company

January 21, 2016 4:21 pm

JBL is a well-established high-end audio brand that was founded in 1946 by James Lansing. The JBL Synthesis brand was established in 1992 when JBL released the very first completely equalized, processed, powered THX Home Media System. Today, JBL Synthesis continues to deliver some of the most powerful home theater, audio component and loudspeakers available on the market. Customers that know the difference between good audio and video and incredible audio and video know the importance of carefully making an investment in only the best audio and video components. Without the right components, the ultimate immersive viewing and listening experience cannot be achieved. JBL Synthesis produces a wide range of top-quality audio systems, electronics and loudspeakers. JBL Synthesis systems can be completely customized to a customer’s unique needs including custom installation and calibration to ensure optimum performance in any setting.

JBL Synthesis products are produced with such craftsmanship that your investment should be well-cared for to protect the lifespan of the products. Should any size or scale repair be needed, the products should really only be repaired by a qualified and, most importantly, authorized repair business. But do not just take our word for it, JBL Synthesis emphasizes the importance of proper repair from an authorized business such as George Meyer AV, “We take great pride in our Service Partners. Their experience and dedication make these professionals ideally suited to assist with our customers’ service needs. If your component must be serviced, please contact one of our service centers.” At George Meyer AV we are proud to be part of such a selective and prestigious list of authorized repair businesses for JBL Synthesis and we take the honor seriously – our technicians are trained and educated to specialize in high end JBL Synthesis audio repair unlike other repair businesses that are not authorized. As one of only four authorized repair businesses in the entire country, we are happy to make repairs right in our shop on Santa Monica Boulevard or visit you on site for a small fee. We have a commitment to quality and our after-the-purchase service of high-end consumer electronics even come with a 90 day limited warranty on parts and labor as an added benefit to our customers. Customers who are not located nearby can ship their products right to us for service on their JBL Synthesis audio and video components. Because our technicians are specifically trained to service JBL Synthesis we will be able to get your components, locate problems more quickly and get you back to enjoying your quality audio and video components sooner.

Lexicon by Harman Repair

January 14, 2016 4:21 pm

Lexicon by Harman is a familiar name to even the most novice of audio consumers. For good reason – their sound quality is supreme and highly regarded not only amongst customers but industry professionals as well. In fact, in 2014 Lexicon won the Technical Grammy, a recognition of the quality of sound that only Lexicon can produce. Lexicon has become an industry standard amongst recording studios because the digital audio quality is excellent and that professional-level quality carries over even into home audio components. The brand has remained committed to quality products at the cutting edge of technology since 1971 and the pride they take in their work is apparent. Lexicon amplifiers and preamplifiers make an excellent addition to any sound system and will enhance the listening experience immensely with the pristine sound that they help generate.

As all audiophiles know, even the most well-crafted, high-end components need a tune-up from time to time. And, sometimes components malfunction or even break. When you have invested in quality audio components from well recognized brands like Lexicon the last thing you want to do is give up and get rid of the component. Rather than replacing your component it is important to have it repaired by a qualified and experienced audio repair company. Just like you would not take a Maserati to a Honda mechanic, it is essential that you take your Lexicon products to an authorized repair business such as George Meyer AV so that you get the highest-quality repair for your products and can get back to enjoying the kind of excellent sound-quality you are used to. George Meyer AV is proud to be one of the few high-end audio repair companies trained and educated in audio, video and car audio repairs for top tier brands. Repair can be completed in our shop or we can visit you on-site for a fee. Our extensively trained staff was instructed in high end Lexicon by Harman repair so they know how to specifically work with the quality of products that Lexicon produces. We believe in our work so much that we provide all repairs with a 90 day limited warranty on parts and labor. If you are having problems with a top tier audio product from a brand like Lexicon, do not throw in the towel or run out and buy an expensive replacement! Allow George Meyer AV to give your product a comprehensive exam and make the necessary repairs to your high end audio components.

Pioneer Recommends All Repairs Be Completed By Authorized Repair Businesses

January 14, 2016 4:20 pm

When it comes to audio products, Pioneer is a household name. Pioneer was founded in 1938 and has been producing high-quality audio and video components ever since. They produce a vast range of technologically advanced, innovative entertainment and electronic products. Today the brand produces such a wide range of products that it includes home electronics and AV products, car audio products, DJ products and more to meet the brand’s popularity and consumer demand for great craftsmanship and performance. Pioneer’s top-tier products in all categories make excellent additions to any audio and video system for those interested in the newest technology available on the market.

There is the reason the brand has been around for nearly 80 years, loyal customers keep coming back and new generations of Pioneer fans are born every day. The brand has a legacy that stands for quality and when you make an investment in a Pioneer product you expect performance. Should a product have a problem, defect, malfunction or just be in need of repair, do not just run out and replace it. Rather than spending the money on all new equipment, have an authorized and qualified repair business comprehensively look at your Pioneer product to determine what repairs are needed. Pioneer explains the importance of locating one of their authorized repair facilities so that you know your products are in the right hands, “Pioneer employs authorized service centers (ASC’s) throughout the United States to better serve its customers needs on in-warranty as well as out-of-warranty repairs. All Pioneer ASC are trained professionals, who have the expertise to service or repair your Pioneer products to meet manufacturer’s specifications. If your Pioneer product is in need of repair, we encourage you to seek the service from one of our ASC’s located in United States.” George Meyer AV is proud to be included on Pioneer’s list of authorized service centers. As a member of the list, our highly skilled technicians have undergone extensive training and education specifically for Pioneer products. This training has uniquely qualified our technicians to quickly locate problems in Pioneer products and swiftly make repairs so that you get your components back to you sooner. Our facility is conveniently located on Santa Monica Boulevard but we also travel to make on-site repairs for a small fee and customers can also ship their products to us if they are not local. Not only do we make repairs but we can perform on-site installation of new products or re-installation of repaired products as needed so customers never have to worry about getting their audio and video systems running properly again. Additionally, we provide all repair service customers with a 90 day limited warranty on parts and labor because we are confident that our skilled repairs of high-end Pioneer products will more than satisfy customers.

McIntosh Audio Products Continue to Impress Decade After Decade

December 21, 2015 4:33 pm

The Grateful Dead, well-known for being incredibly picky about the quality of their equipment and sound only used McIntosh amplifiers. That alone is a pretty good resume for McIntosh but their legendary performance goes far beyond that. McIntosh products are handcrafted in America since 1949 and it is their long-standing tradition of making well-built, beautifully crafted, incredible sounding audio components that have allowed them to thrive for so many decades. McIntosh is known for their distinctive tube amps that produce a rich, warm sound. McIntosh describes the amount of careful detail that goes into their designs, “A tremendous level of detail goes into the design and construction of a McIntosh product. It can take up to two years from initiating the concept to creating the final product.” McIntosh products have become known for their exquisite sound and unique design – their signature blue backlighting is a favorite among loyal fans, as well as their metered displays. Well known for their high-end amplifiers, preamplifiers and headphone amplifiers, they also have garnered significant attention for the outstanding performance of their loudspeakers. But, the products do not stop there, McIntosh also manufactures high-end CD players, receivers, processors, Blu-Ray players, turntables, tuners, cables and specialty products. With such a wide range of high-end audio products, it is no wonder that those committed to enjoying the best listening experience possible continue to purchase McIntosh products.

McIntosh has helped shaped the history of music and pop culture with their unique audio products. Professional musicians choose McIntosh and individuals choose McIntosh for their home and even automobile audio experience because when you invest in McIntosh products, you invest in high-end products that really live up to their reputation. Add one McIntosh product or completely convert your entire audio component landscape over to McIntosh and you will quickly realize what you have been missing out on. McIntosh products are designed and made right in New York and the quality and craftsmanship is evident. McIntosh products are built to last but, occasionally, your McIntosh product may need a tune-up or repair. If this need arises it is vital that you take your McIntosh product to a knowledgeable and, most importantly, authorized McIntosh repair company. At George Meyer AV, we cannot stress enough the importance of entrusting your investment with the right repair company that has had extensive training and specializes in repairing high-end audio components. Others may say they can make the repair but have probably seldom seen such a high-end component and may do more harm than good in their attempts to repair. Our technicians are skilled and trained in McIntosh repairs so that we protect your audio components and ensure they are repaired the correct way. Additionally, because we know our high-end repairs are unparalleled, we provide our loyal customers with a 90 day limited warranty on parts and labor. Our customers know the importance of quality, experienced repairs for their high-end audio equipment and we honor that by protecting their investment and properly repairing their McIntosh products.

Entrust Your Krell Audio Repairs To An Authorized Repair Company

December 14, 2015 10:33 pm

Anyone who knows the audio industry knows Krell is synonymous with high-end luxury audio and home theater components. Founded in 1980, Krell has been at the forefront of audio engineering in America and has developed a highly-regarded reputation for designing components geared towards the sonic connoisseur that is interested in the best of the best. Krell rose to fame with their powerful amplifiers and continued to wow with their pre-amplifiers, source components and loudspeakers. Krell is geared towards the discerning audiophile and the components come with a price tag to match. more »

Mark Levinson by Harman Audio Components Advantages and Repair

December 2, 2015 11:46 pm

Mark Levinson by Harman has a long history of providing super, high-end audio components to customers who want a supreme, pure sound. Mark Levinson has been carefully crafting audio components perfectly suited for the audiophile since 1972. Working with a team of highly skilled and experienced audio industry professionals, Mark Levinson by Harman produces, professional audio components, home audio components and automobile audio components. more »

Audio Research Stands the Test of Time In the Audio Industry

November 20, 2015 1:48 pm

When you look back to the beginnings of high-end audio equipment one of the first brands you will see is Audio Research. In fact, Audio Research is one of the oldest continually operating manufacturers in American audio. A brand that has been around since 1970 and continued to thrive, constantly adding new loyal customers can only do so for one reason – their products perform. High-end audio is not just about simply listening to audio, it is about the listening experience, the quality, the purity and Audio Research understands that. more »

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